Maria Gilpin - Giving It All - CD (EP)

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Maria's debut EP ‘Giving It All’ was released October 21st 2016. Get it here.

Ian Yates - Awaken To Love - CD (album)

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Produced by Trevor Michael and recorded at Martin Smith's 'Bones Studio', the album features the number 1 single High Wire, No Longer I (co-written with Matt Redman and Sam Blake), and also a cover of the Beatles classic 'All You Need Is Love'.

Awaken To Love is, quite frankly, a refreshing take on praise, worship, testimony, and encouragement.
Chris Major - The Christian Beat 4.6/5

The record feels genuine from start to finish and holds the attention of the listener while still inviting them to get lost in well-crafted moments of worship.
Caitlin Lassiter - New Release Today 4/5

This album is track after track of pure quality. Most albums these days would love to have at least two tracks of this quality on their album, Awaken To Love has plenty of top songs.
Jono Davies - Louder Than The Music 5/5

To my mind, Ian Yates is one of the best British worship leaders and songwriters and is up there with the Redmans and Hughes.
Tony Cummings - Cross Rhythms 10/10

Ian Yates - DNA - CD (album)

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Mixing elements of The 1975, The Killers, Imagine Dragons and U2, this is rock filled passion at its best. We strongly believe this is Ian's best album to date but don't just take our word for it.

Louder Than the Music 5/5 - Never For Nothing 10/10 - Cross Rhythms 9/10

"God I Need You, a tune for us all." Martin Smith (Formally of Delirious)
"DNA will be the most important album to get this summer." Jono Davies (LTTM) 

Ian Yates - Really Good News - CD (EP)

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Many artists re-release an album nine months after the original release. Well at 7Core Music we decided to do this with a twist. After the successful release of ‘Good News’ we’ve decided to release the EP ‘Really Good News’. We see it as a bolt on to ‘Good News’. 

The CD version contains 2 extra bonus tracks, so 7 tracks in all.

Ian Yates - Good News - CD (album)

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Good News contains songs of truth, hope, love and the announcement of the goodness of God. Worshipful songs with pounding drums, throbbing bass, angry guitars and passionate honest vocals. We believe these songs carry strong biblical truth and the deep presence of God. We believe these songs are going to inspire, empower and impact many lives as people encounter and engage with a God who is full of love, kindness and mercy.

The Neon Ambience - B - CD (album)

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Following the success of the debut project ‘A’, 7Core Music are delighted to present to you the second Neon Ambience album ‘B’. ‘A’ was described as a fascinating project, receiving great reviews, a main feature in Spring Harvest’s ‘The Rebels Guide To The Good News‘ series and was included in the ‘5 indie projects you need to hear’ on Americas UPTV.

This second instrumental album continues on from ‘A’ giving us 52 minutes of new textures, atmospheres and moods. ‘B’ aims to take the listener deeper and into more intimate moments.

The Neon Ambience - A - CD (album)

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The Neon Ambience deliver their own brand of contemporary ambient music. Sonic landscapes, moods and atmospheres set to music. ‘A’ is a 50-minute instrumental album, made up of electronic, acoustic and ambient sounds. It’s the perfect music for reflection, soaking and devotion. It can be used in times of prayer, meditation and relaxation. Musical influences include Sigur Ros, Jonsi and Alex, Radiohead (Kid A) and Brian Eno.

The Remission Flow - Rhythms Of Grace - CD (album)


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The second album from Irelands The Remission Flow. Catchy poppy hooks mixed with soaring guitars and passionate vocals that speak of the depths of God's love, the truth of His sacrifice for us, and the Rhythms of His Grace.

The Remission Flow - The Light That Floods - CD (album)


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Based in Monaghan Ireland, The Remission Flow are seven ordinary musicians from across the sectarian divide. In the first week of release, 'The Light That Floods' peaked at number 16 in the Itunes alternative charts in the bands home of Ireland. With eleven songs that point to God and His Glory, The Remission Flow bring their own unique, harmonious, uplifting sound to worship and ministry.


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