Hi everyone, meet our new 7Core Music signing, Tina Boonstra.

We're really excited about our new signing Tina Boonstra. Tina's been in the studio already recording new songs, and an EP is planned for release early next year. The first single will be 'Prodigal', to be released on November 17th. To introduce her to our ever expanding mailing list, we threw a few questions her way.

When did you first start writing your own music?
I started writing songs when I was 12 years old. Growing up, I wrote about a lot of different things, but because my parents were missionaries, I spent a lot of time at church and always thought I’d end up writing songs to be used there. 
Then, when I got older there didn’t seem to be much opportunity to use these songs, so I began playing open mics and acoustic nights in and around London. 
I started off playing the few pop songs I’d written but I slowly realised that I wanted to sing about more than that. I wanted to sing about faith and doubt, and what it was like to live in a city that is constantly asking for more and more of you and at the same time telling you, you’re not enough.
What are you listening to right now?
I'm absolutely loving the new Arcade Fire album, Everything Now. So many good songs on there. 
What music has influenced your writing?
John Mark McMillan has always been a big inspiration, so often his songs put into words the things I didn’t even know I was feeling. I love how he's able to capture that honesty and vulnerability within a huge sound, Wolf Alice is another band that do that really well. 
What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing at the moment?
For me staying vulnerable and honest is always the biggest challenge, so artists like Damien Rice and PJ Harvey who are able to write with that sense of raw openness really intrigue me and inspire me to keep on writing. The invitation to vulnerability is a recurring theme in the songs I write and it’s a part of the story of this EP.
Can you tell us about your new EP?
It’s called My Concrete Heart (will beat again) and we’ll be releasing the first single on the 17 November. The songs are inspired by the story of the prodigal son, but they’re also my story and the stories of my friends. The struggles with our numb and cold hearts and the search for real joy and real peace in the busyness of life.
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Thanks everyone,
The 7Core Team

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