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It's October 15th, and we're happy to say, The Remission Flow album, 'The Light That Floods' is out today. Below you'll find a bunch of links where you can download. If you prefer an actual CD, then UK and Ireland can get it in any Christian Bookshop. If they don't already stock it, just tell them it's distributed by 'Joining the Dots', and they'll know how to get it for you. Alternatively you can order it direct from the band's website here.

Massive thank you to everyone who downloaded the last single 'The Father's Love'. In Ireland it reached 26 in the itunes alternative music chart. There's a really cool lyric video now available for your viewing pleasure here. Feel free to share it on facebook and twitter, with as many people as you can. In fact you must ...

We're really excited about this album, and love working with this band. The good guys at Louder Than The Music were the first to review the album. You can read what they had to say here.

Next week we're going to be running a facebook and twitter competition where you'll be able to win a copy of the album and a copy of the Ian Yates 'Good News' album. Make sure you're hooked up with us socially, to find out more about that.

That's it from us. Here's some links where you can purchase.

Itunes UK

Itunes Ireland

Itunes USA

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Spotify (share it around)

7Core Music Download Store

7Core Music Facebook store

Re-vived (physical CD)

The Remision Flow website (physical CD)

Once again, thanks everyone for your support. Hope you enjoy the album.

The 7Core Team

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