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Today we're excited about the UK release from Hong Kong based duo The Weathering. 7Core Music have been fans of the music of Jeff Caylor for a while now and are super pleased to be able to release the debut album from him and his wife Leora AKA The Weathering to the UK and Europe. 

The Weathering's music has been described as "Indie-Pop for fans of magic and mermaids...” A fitting description given the innovative pop melodies and imaginative (yet accessible) lyrics. Leora and Jeff formed the duo after relocating to Hong Kong from the US.

Jeff believes there’s something magical about songwriting. “You simply put the notes and words together and then the song takes on its own meaning apart from you. Sometimes I imagine all these little S.O.S.’s can have a positive effect on someone else,” says Caylor. “You get all honest and transparent. You cry for help in a song. You write words that beg for someone to come and save you. And then, if everything goes right, in the end, the song ends up saving someone else.”

The album is out today, available from all good Christian music stores or from the 7Core Music Web Store.

Thanks for your time. Enjoy the video.

The 7Core Team.

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