Today Tina Boonstra releases 'I Think I See You Now' the 2nd single from her forthcoming EP 'My Concrete Heart (Will Beat Again)'. It's available to stream and download at all the normal places. Just check out some of the links below.
 Itunes UK
 Loretta Andrews gave the single an exclusive airing on her Drivetime show on London's Premier radio this week, and Tina was in the studio playing a live version of 'Prodigal' and talking about why she writes songs, recording the EP and growing up in The Netherlands and South Africa. If you missed it you can listen back here. Tina's interview starts about 2:08:30, but do yourself a favour and listen in from about 2:04:45 to catch our very own Ian Yates. Big thanks to Loretta for such a great interview.
So go check out 'I Think I See You Now'. If you're a spotify or apple music user, be sure to add it to your playlists and share it around.
Also check out the official video for 'Prodgial' below if you've not seen it yet.
Tina's EP 'My Concrete Heart (Will Beat Again)' is out on February 2nd.
Read Tina's blog, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on new releases and live shows. 
Thanks everyone
The 7Core Team
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